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A Tour of the New Chinese Gardens at the Huntington Library and Gardens.

Let me start by saying that the tour that I do in the video is only a partial tour! I'm sure that there were spaces in the Chinese Garden that I did not see, or was unable to explore. That's because 1) I didn't have a map to tell me where we were going...I just wandered! 2) We had Baby Abby with us, and we only lasted as long as she we called it quits when she was ready to go. I didn't mind. It was fun to have her there with us, so that was a small price to pay.

The Chinese Garden is truly a work of art. Not just a garden, but an artistic achievement. I loved it. It was visually stimulating everywhere you looked. At once, both exciting and serene. I can see why it is a place for the eye and the mind.

The Huntington is so rich in beauty and history that you really can't see everything in one visit. We knew when we began our visit that we would just focus on the Chinese Gardens. And it was the perfect choice.

Today it is going to be 108 degrees here where we live! Wish us luck. I am trying to water early in the morning to protect all my little green things. I will give you an update!


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