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A Tour of My Linen Collection!

I really enjoy setting a beautiful table. And I think that lovely linens are always a part of that. But I don't think that many young people these days agree with me. This week I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and there were almost no tablecloths to be found, absolutely no cloth napkins, and very few placemats.

I think that entertaining is evolving and that's ok. New generations prefer their own style, and practicality these days often wins out over ornament. Also ok. But for me, I'll stick with the old fashioned table setting with linens, and beautiful china, and sparkling crystal. And I'm just not going to worry about what will happen to my lovely things after I'm gone. I will have enjoyed them, and that's all that matters.

Plus, you should know, all of the items in my entertaining "collection" -- linens, crystal, and china -- I use all the time! So it's not like a collection that is just for show -- my collections do a lot of hard work!

The linens that I have are quite varied, and give me lots of choices when I am deciding on the table setting, and while they may seem a little fancy, none of them are truly "fine," in the strict sense. Virtually all of my linens are either from 1) My mom 2) Bed Bath and Beyond or 3) Home Goods! I sometimes wonder what really fine linens look like -- what do you suppose the Queen of England uses??

No matter. I'm the queen of my castle, and I cherish the linens that I've collected -- so to me they are quite "fine" and help me set a fancy table any time I want! One day -- I must give you a proper tour of all of my gorgeous china!

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