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A Tour of Julia and Dan's Wedding Reception Venue!

It was such a beautiful day with our new family members, as we enjoyed the late winter sunshine, the newly bloomed wisteria, and the giddiness that comes from planning a day you've dreamed of all your life.

I wore an iris pin on my lapel (you can see it in the thumbnail above) and Julia wore a ring that my mom and dad gave me, because I wanted to remember them as we plan our youngest daughter's wedding -- and make sure that their love and generosity is part of all that we do when we think about Julia's future with her new husband to be.

After we visited the venue, on the way home in the car, Robert asked each of us to say three things we liked and one thing we didn't about the wedding reception venue. I went last because I always have an opinion about everything AND I can sometimes be a chatterbox, and talk way too much.

So, each in their turn, -- Robert, Dan, and Julia all had really valuable things to say, and I agreed with them all. BUT when it came to my turn, I just didn't have ANYTHING to say about what I did NOT like. I just loved loved loved the venue. It is meticulously cared for, beautifully maintained, and is the perfect fit for my Julia and her Dan.

Plus, it is exclusively an outdoor venue for the guests, so just in case

we are worried about indoor gatherings, this is an ideal spot.

We feel so lucky to be able to plan our daughter's celebration at this special location. I just know it will be a blessed and beautiful event.


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