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A Special Bracelet

Having rewatched this video -- I can see a lot of logical errors in my musings.

For example, if I was traumatized by losing my father's pearl necklace, wouldn't I now also be traumatized by losing Robert's bracelet?

And maybe the trauma over losing the necklace was simply trauma over losing my dad at such an early age?

And I KNOW for sure that my daughters would have absolutely preferred for me to accept Robert's generosity of jewelry, rather than his indulgence of my love of fine china.

But. Oh well. I have lived a happy, blessed life -- without much expensive jewelry, and most of it, sadly, without my dad. He was there when it counted the most, though. And I am forever grateful for his devotion to me.

And if I were to lose Robert's bracelet tomorrow, I would still have a lifetime of love to remember. And now at 66, that's absolutely clear to me. Ah...the wisdom of age!


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