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A Quarantine Date!

It was an A+ date with my buddy! It felt so good to get out of the house and actually go someplace. Besides "driving though and getting a coke" we don't go much of anywhere farther than 15 minutes away -- AND we stay in the car when we get there!

So a trip to the beach was very, very exciting! The drive there, the memories along the way, the sunshine in the window, the sight and the sound of the ocean...all delightful. And even better to be able to share them with Robert.

A couple of funny notes...first, after all of the falderal about going to Neptune's Net, I accidentally did NOT record video when we were actually there! I thought I did but alas, a website picture will have to do. It was uneventful in any case, except that we over-ordered and made ourselves sick! Oh well, it was just one day. And it was a vacation day anyway. The beach was really the highlight of our trip.

And then when we got to the beach, I started to hum, but didn't realize that I was humming in the recording! Hilarious! Such professional video demeanor.

I was humming the theme song from the movie "Exodus" which I know I've seen but don't really remember. I must have been humming because I was happy. It really was wonderful to be ON the beach, and not just by the beach. Of course, we were the only ones bundled up. Everyone else was in swim suits, and shorts -- and Robert and I had our jackets on!

And one other hair? Not great, but not horrible. At least my cowlick behaved. It's a day to day thing. I'm learning to live with it!

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