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A New Life

Tomorrow begins a new life for Robert and me.

We are double vaccinated, and it will be two weeks since our second vaccination - so we're fully cooked. While we will still be very careful, wear masks, and avoid large, close crowds -- we do plan to change our behavior -- and enjoy a little more freedom.

It feels hard to believe. Over a year in our home, without grocery shopping, drugstore visits, or restaurant dinners at swanky eateries, or neighborhood diners.

And so it begins. Tomorrow we'll go grocery shopping, (heaven! I'll be able to choose my own produce!) maybe eat at a restaurant for dinner, and stop by the local hardware store to get wood for one of Robert's build projects. What was once a very normal day, will be an extraordinary day tomorrow.

And isn't that just what life should be? Cherishing every moment as if each were extraordinary -- embracing all the small, normal, daily things as if they may never happen again.

And the pandemic taught us that this could be true in a way that we never expected.

So we've learned an important lesson. And Robert and I intend to heed that lesson. And enjoy every moment of tomorrow and every tomorrow thereafter.

I can't wait.

N.B. The online program, Amazon Photos, that I use to upload video in order to get it to you -- has been down for two days. Users are furious - and I have been disappointed not to be able to share a daily video with you these past two days. Another example of things that I have taken for granted! I've been told that it should be up by tomorrow - so hopefully videos will resume then. If not - I promise to write to you about our first day of freedom!!!


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