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A Historic Moment

It’s a historic time in our collective lives. A tumultuous political landscape after Trump’s election. A pandemic. Protests over racial injustice. Extraordinary heat from uncontrolled climate change (over 120 degrees where we live in Los Angeles). And yesterday, here in Berkeley, an earthquake.

My husband, Robert Hubbell, and I began our blogs, (Robert first, and most importantly) to help others navigate this historic time. Robert, who is an extraordinary writer and intellect, helps others process the news 5 days a week, encouraging, and calming, despite the traumatic onslaught of events each day. On a smaller, but different level, I began a blog after I retired, about the healing possibilities of the garden. Readers tell me that they find garden vistas and garden stories calming after having digested the day’s news.

So, together, we write. And hope. And send out missives of calm and encouragement and care. It’s our small contribution to this historic moment.

But I write today to tell you about another historic moment that is happening in our personal lives.

We are awaiting the birth of our first grandchild, which is why we are here in Berkeley.

My middle daughter has been an extraordinary example of calm and strength as she has journeyed through this pregnancy amidst all of this chaos. The pandemic has not made it easy to get pre-natal care, and the heat has made it difficult to be comfortable. But she is singly focused on baby, and so really nothing has been able to shake her equilibrium. And thanks to her wonderful husband, they are both anchored in this moment to do only what is best for the little girl that they will soon bring into this world.

It is humbling to witness. And we feel blessed to be here to share this sacred time with them.

Being part of this historic personal moment, has provided us with an enhanced perspective to help get us through the constant barrage of difficulties that present themselves each day.

Oppressive heat? No matter. Baby is coming. Trump’s unhinged tirade on Labor Day? We can deal with that as long as baby and daughter are well. A pandemic? We must stay safe for baby.

It doesn’t mean that we have begun to care less deeply about the larger political and social issues that daily descend upon us; we’re still writing 5 days a week. But the care that we feel for our daughter and this new life, has minimized the anxiety, and allowed us to confront these larger problems with greater calm, because the most important immediate thing right now in our lives is baby’s safe arrival.

So, that’s what’s happening with us right now. The video today is of the Berkeley Rose Garden, a small respite for us, where I walked with my beautiful daughter, as she awaits the birth of her daughter. And our first grandchild.

P.S. We are trying to stay off the grid and minimize outside interruptions during this special time. We will let you know when there is news to report!

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09 вер. 2020 р.

Thank you Victoria! We are excited for our new chapter. Jill


09 вер. 2020 р.

Dear Jill, thank you for celebrating new life in both garden and grandchild. May it all go well.

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