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A Glorious Day

It was an emotional day. I cried practically all day! Even during the Virtual Inauguration Celebration with Katy Perry and the Fireworks, I cried. It's ok. I think it's part relief, a result of the anxiety of the last 4 years. And part just elation that this has finally happened. And one of my best friends texted me and said that she was crying all day too. So that made me feel a lot better.

Kamala was stunning. The way that she threw her shoulders back, and stepped up to say her oath of office -- it couldn't have been better. I think the tone of the day, and the feel of the inauguration was pitch perfect.

Today, there was no time for gardening. I had to watch the inauguration, and I had to celebrate in the sunshine. But the minute that I got outside, I headed straight for my friend Pam's house. It just felt right to be with her and celebrate this glorious day after the tragedy of 4 years ago.

And I was right. Taking our picture together, in front of her Biden/Harris sign, felt healing. And as we were chatting, socially distanced on her lawn, a car stopped in front of her house. I asked her, "Is that your neighbor?" It wasn't. It was just a woman driving by, who wanted to celebrate with us. She rolled down her window and yelled "Woo! We're celebrating! Yeah!"

And Pam and I yelled right back, "Yes! Let's celebrate!"

It was a day to celebrate with friends and strangers alike. Glorious.

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22 de jan. de 2021

Jill, Thank you so much for this. I cried too! You and Robert have both been wonderful during these fraught times. Be well and peace to you. Maurine Canarsky Portland Oregon

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