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A Faery Hunt with Cora

This weekend, we attended a Faery Hunt with our granddaughter Cora at our local Los Encino State Park. It was so sweet and Cora was so dear. She just turned one - so we were worried about how much she would really be able to understand. But she was great!

It was a little park musical, with fairies, singing, dancing, and sparkle. You can book them for parties, or events, and they occasionally do faery theatre at our neighborhood park. Lucky us! Here's their website!

Cora understood that you had to listen, and watch. And that other people were doing that too. She loved that people were laughing. And that her dad carried her on his shoulders. She also loved the accordion player, and the other little girl fairies that attended the event.

Plus, did I mention the ducks?

And she adored her first apple!

Fairy magic, indeed.

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