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A Conversation with Robert at the Los Angeles Arboretum

Just a brief reflection tonight. The video is lengthier than most, so the editing took me quite a while. But it was worth it to document for you, and for us, what Robert's newsletter has meant over the last 4 years. Once again, the quality of the video is a little unsteady -- I'm working on that! However, in this video, Robert and I were handing the iphone back and forth because we were both speaking, and needed to record the two voices, so the handoffs are particularly wacky! Such high quality production!

It was fun to talk to Robert about something that he does every day, that impacts both of us, and that I believe has made such a difference for so many. I know that it has been the balm that our family needed to get through these last 4 years. And despite being right by his side for all 4 years, I was still surprised at some of his answers!

The Los Angeles Arboretum is a lovely place. There were so many families with children there, and I can see why. It's 127 acres of open space with lots of secret alcoves, large green lawns, water features, and flowers! I can imagine how lovely it is during the spring. We will have to return. And the video that we took doesn't even show all of the grounds. Because we had not been before, we wandered randomly, sometimes in not so picturesque places. In fact, we never got to the rose garden at all, which was particularly lovely.

Next time we'll focus on the garden and not on the newsletter! For now, I plan to celebrate this glorious day by starting to sew my new granddaughter's Christmas stocking. Wish me luck!

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