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A Christmas Tea!

My daughter Jennifer used to work at a high school that had an annual ladies Christmas Tea for all the moms of daughters at the school. Jenny was the hostess, and I helped each year -- we had such fun. The ladies really enjoyed it, and it was a day of love, empowerment, and beautiful spirit.

Jenny has since moved on from that high school, but we wanted to re-create the tradition in our own home, so she invited one of our favorite people to enjoy the Christmas tea tradition with us.

The scones were a big hit - I think I might do a separate blog on them...and whenever I get to use my china strawberry basket, I am a happy girl. Cora was a perfect angel, so it was a delight all around.

And to top it off - Robert and I went to the bookstore afterwards and I got to purchase the latest installment in my FAVORITE book series of all time -- the Outlander books by Diana Gabladon, now a STARZ television series. I can't quite begin the book yet because I am still finishing Hilary Clinton's and Louise Penny's book -- but soon. In the meantime, I am just going to carry it around with me, because it makes me so happy.


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