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A 99th Birthday!

What an extraordinary celebration! 99 years!!!! We celebrate Seth Hufstedler!

Seth is so much fun...and always loves a party. I showed up with the decorations, we invited just a small cadre of his friends (he has loads of friends, and for 99 years that's saying a lot!!!!) and his daughter in law made the most delicious meal!!! And to top it off, his grandson and his wife made a tasty birthday cake!

Seth has been one of our travel partners in the last few years, and he is game for anything. We've traveled to Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. We've eaten Michelin star meals, toured drafty cathedrals, shopped for fine china in Delft, and floated down the Seine on a barge.

We cherish our memories with Seth, and hope for many more! We're planning a trip together to see the Northern Lights in February!

Lucky us. Thanks Seth - here's to 100!


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