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66th Birthday Hike with Buddy: Cold Springs to Mineral King on the Nature Trail

The Nature Trail in Mineral King is not a very rigorous hike, but it sure is beautiful. It's approximately a 2.5 miles round trip hiking from the Cold Springs campground at about 7500 feet to 7800 feet and the "Big Hike" trailheads of Eagle, Mosquito, and White Chief Lakes.

The Nature Trail is well marked, and gentle, and the views are spectacular, so lots of stops on the way. There's alpine views, aspen groves, the east fork of the Kaweah River, shaded copses of pines, meadows of butterflies and wildflowers, and historic Mineral King cabins.

We decided to spread our wings slowly this year, and start small. But there was so much to see that we didn't feel like we deprived ourselves. Next trip this summer we'll tackle something a little bit more challenging.

But let's face it. We're sixty six, and we decided it's ok to scale down a little. We're not spring chickens, but we still want to get out there and enjoy while we can. We did a good job on the trail (read: Jill didn't fall), had a lovely picnic lunch at the historic "Honeymoon Cabin," (preserved by the Mineral King Historical Society), and weren't sore the next day!

It is a beautiful family legacy that we will leave to our girls. An appreciation for nature, and a place to experience it. Pristine and so serene. Enjoy!


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