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2021 Top Performer in the Summer Garden!

Lots of lovely things in the summer garden. Many are fleeting. Some can't withstand the heat. But my top performer is long lasting, thrives in the heat, has dense, hardy blooms, and reminds me of the place that I met my husband!

You may have heard this before, but Robert and I met in the first grade at St. Patrick's Catholic Elementary School in North Hollywood. And that's the clue for the top performer! Robert and I have been side by side ever since first grade, and we have St. Patrick to thank for that. So that's one of the reasons why this performer is not only objectively the top performer in the garden -- it is also a sentimental pick this season -- because in August Robert and I will celebrate our 40th Anniversary!!!

It might be the luck of the Irish, but mostly I just think that it's story of two people who knew very early on that it was "meant to be." It's been a very happy 40 years, and I am grateful to St. Patrick, and to my Robert for that.


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