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2020 Fall Vegetable Garden!

This has truly been an Adventure in Backyard Gardening - as the title of my Blog advertises! I have never before planted a full fall garden, so I wanted to do it right. Thus, I planned carefully, measured twice, read all the plant requirements, prepared the soil, and...absolutely everything went sideways.

None of my best laid plans were able to be executed because I did not account for the trellis feature in the raised bed which I intend to keep in the garden, I miscounted the number of beets and broccoli that I had purchased. And I don't think I properly took into account the margins I would need at the perimeter of the garden, so in the diagram I allowed the plants much more space than I really had. Plus, because I can see that the temperatures will be in the 100's this week, I am planning on putting in a shade screen for the lettuce. But I only thought of that after I had completed the diagram, and a shade screen can only be installed on the east side of the garden (says my designer husband).

All in all, a really good effort, but poor execution. So, though I intended to plan very carefully, my planning was rather in vain, and I really had to make game time decisions when I got in to the garden. I'm hoping that my soil preparation will go far in making this a success despite the fact that some of the veg will be crowded because I didn't have the proper space for them.

Despite all the consternation, I still have great hope, and am very optimistic that this year I will have success. I will certainly exceed my previous fall garden performance, so that's a success already!

But as I plant my new new garden, and hope that my little guys grow...I am watching Baby Abby grow like crazy! Today she had her first tummy time -- and she is so advanced! She can already turn her head and raise it up! Plus she is focusing and having more awake time! A perfect little angel. Grow baby grow!

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28 sept. 2020

On this day of Supreme political angst, I have chosen to binge watched Jill’s Garden. It is such a reminder that reality really rules. I am reminded too of a poster that I kept in my classroom for decades, “Before the gates of Paradise, the high gods have placed sweat.” Thank you ,Jill , for sweating in the 90+ degree heat to remind us of the Paradise that is the garden.

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