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109 Degrees! Heat in the Garden!

OOOOweeeeee! It was hot hot hot today!

Parts of my garden are still feeling the effects of the heat: the bell peppers definitely, my smurf tomato, my bacopa is a little dry, and my dill did not make it through. But this is what being a gardener means.

We live with nature, whatever it brings. And there will rarely be perfect weather. Some things will thrive, and bring great joy, and others will not. And of course, your watering system will fail you just when it gets the hottest. And can you believe it????? Our air conditioner stopped working today too! Of all days!!!

Ah well, this is part of life. There will always be things that we cannot control no matter how hard we try.

And working through the difficulties makes us who we are. Gives us strength. And perspective about what really matters.,

Today I am glad that I have water for my garden, a pools to dunk my feet in, and a cool night for slumber.

Tomorrow the forecast is...not cool, but cooler! Yeah!

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